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Our Vision: Americans & Palestinians Freely Doing Business Together
Our Mission: Creating Business Relationships Between Americans & Palestinians

Our Vision

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Americans and Palestinians working together will create hope and a future in which Palestinians can make progress toward their freedom and economic independence - a future in which they can compete globally on a level playing field.


The Israeli occupation imposes restraints and dependencies on the movement of goods and people as well as numerous impediments that disrupt normal business. Although Israel executes these practices in the name of security, we believe that they actually create conditions that make Israelis less secure. When one group of people curtails the freedoms of another group and fails to have consistent, predictable rules, people become angry, resentful and very frustrated. Constructive thinking is seriously undermined.


Yet, in spite of practices that include many constraints and much uncertainty, many Palestinian businesses have found ways to survive and even prosper. The resilience and steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their creativity in operating in the face of man-made obstacles is quite remarkable. Yet, most Palestinian business people expend so much of their resources dealing with Israeli constraints and obstacles that they have little time and energy left to deal with typical business challenges.


AVPE expects to create social change and to sow seeds of hope as we execute our mission of creating business relationships between Americans & Palestinians.


A free, independent and growing Palestinian economy will make the entire region more secure. Every business transaction and job created plants another seed of hope so that Palestinians can constructively engage to build a future of freedom and economic independence. As impediments on the ground lift, these lasting relationships and investments will support vibrant economic growth.


When Americans do business with Palestinians, their involvement brings new forces into the situation that may help end or dampen man-made Israeli obstacles and begin to open Palestine to a better economic future. We believe that as the constraints on Palestinian businesses diminish, the opportunities for constructive engagement will increase so that, while not replacing a political settlement, can make one become more likely.


Through connections to Americans, the Palestinian business community becomes more engaged in the global community. Palestinians become less isolated and more connected to the world outside the walls that confine them. Knowing that there are American businesses and investors who are willing to work with Palestinians will provide a morale, and hopefully material, boost for Palestinians.