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Our Vision: Americans & Palestinians Freely Doing Business Together
Our Mission: Creating Business Relationships Between Americans & Palestinians

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Trade and Transport

West Bank Trade and Transport:

Learning from Landlocked Developing Countries


Hernan Levy heard about the work of Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy. He approached our President, Ed Thompson, with an idea to write a paper that applied to the West Bank the learnings and best practices from research at the World Bank about trade and transport. He had worked for more than two decades with the World Bank and was familiar with their research on landlocked developing countries. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful gift that was only possible because of his World Bank networks, his integrative capability and his investment of untold hours.

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Letter to PayPal President and CEO Daniel H. Schulman.

AVPE is part of a coalition with all of the companies and organizations that are signatories to this letter.


Dear Mr. Schulman,

We are writing to urge you to extend PayPal’s services to Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza thereby removing a major limitation on the Palestinian technology sector, one of the only bright spots in the overall economy. More importantly, extending PayPal services would resolve the current discriminatory situation whereby PayPal’s payment portal can be accessed freely by Israeli settlers living illegally (per international humanitarian law) in the West Bank while it remains unavailable to the occupied Palestinian population.



AVPE 2015 Annual Report

AVPE Releases 2015 Annual Report


"It is with tremendous satisfaction that I address you by way of AVPE’s first annual report. This report represents our starting point and our start-up growing pains as much as it reflects a solid foundation that has been established to carry on our work for many years to come." - Sam Bahour


The Israeli-Palestinian situation is a seemingly intractable conflict that appears no closer to being resolved today than it was six decades ago. We believe that even before the political situation is resolved, effective use of business and economic levers can not only make life bearable for Palestinians, but also provide the needed experiences that contribute to maintaining livelihoods, while providing forward-looking hope for a life free of military occupation.


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