Transcend Support

Transcend Support is the first independent, high value, multilingual contact center based in Bethlehem, Palestine. Customer interactions are done through inbound, outbound and blended calling scenarios. Their services include outbound call services such as telemarketing, sales or fundraising, contact list updating, surveys or verification services as well as inbound services that field complaints or requests and provide technical support.

They tap into a unique labor pool by working closely with several universities to recruit graduates with strong business and technical skills, bilingual English / Arabic and other language fluency, professional and effective sales skills and a high motivation to learn and grow. They are large enough to compete internationally but small enough to tailor support to particular company requirements. Their technology, high productivity and low costs increases client profitability.

They seek contracts with additional customers in the USA so that they can grow their business and employ more Palestinians will college degrees.

Please email Geoffrey Lewis to explore a business relationship with Transcend Support.